How to know who’s managing your Company Page on LinkedIn & become Company Page Admin ?

How to know who’s managing your Company Page on LinkedIn & become Company Page Admin ?

By default, every LinkedIn user with a company email address had Admin rights to the Page.
(How to add company email id- Setting →Change or add Email)

It only took one click to exclude all other users as Admins
Here’s how you can make sure your Company Page is being managed properly, too.

Find Your Company
Use the search box at the top right of your LinkedIn screen to find your Company Page. You can also find a link to your Page on any user’s profile who has connected to the company. For example, an alumnus or employee.

Check the Admin Settings
Once you’ve located and arrived at your Company Page, look for a button labeled “Admin tools” at the top right of your screen.

Select the “Edit” option.

(If you don’t see this button, someone else may have already deemed herself the sole Admin of your Company Page. To address this matter, contact LinkedIn directly.)

Now you should see the settings for your Company Page.

Manage Admins

By default, a Company Page is set so that “all employees with a valid email registered to the company domain” can serve as an administrator. This means that any of these people can edit the company information, see the Page analytics, etc. If this is not your preference, you can change this setting to “designated users only.”

Once you’ve updated your settings, you can manage who has Admin rights. You can add yourself to the Admin list as well as any of your first-level LinkedIn connections. (Update: As Davina points out in the comments below, adding yourself as an Admin is very important!)

4. Go Forth and Manage

You should now be set to manage your company’s official LinkedIn Page. Exciting, right? Take a look around and get comfortable. And if you run across any additional notes for the LinkedIn newbies like me, please share them here so that we can all benefit from our collective trial and error.